has been fulfilling its promise to be "The reliable brand", meaning that they do everything they can, to be more reliable than other providers.
This applies to all UNTHA products and services. For our customers, this means that choosing an UNTHA system was the best decision they could make.
Single shaft shredders
Two shaft shredders
Four shaft shredders
Primary shredders
Cable comminution
Household and industrial waste

The positioning is based on their uncompromising reliability that can be seen in the products, services and all business activities.

This is what differentiates UNTHA clearly and continually from our competitors! Reliability is their promise, their core message and the essence of the brand. Problem-solving expertise, innovation capabilities, commitment to service and a focus on quality, are the central brand characteristics that lead to their success.

Based on extensive trials in the test centers, and on the technologies that have been tried and tested a thousand times over, UNTHA will always find the optimal configuration of the respective shredding machine.

UNTHA is solving many shredding problems that are beyond other manufacturers' abilities! A comprehensive service network, quick replacement part provision, modern machine diagnostics and troubleshooting via remote maintenance, as well as cost-effective cutting unit reconditioning/reprocessing, guarantee that UNTHA shredding machines operate smoothly and fulfil the task they were built to do – to reliably shred.

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